You can call him Kush.

He loves his Golden Retriever (Brooklyn), the Lakers, Seinfeld, and sushi.

Brandon began his practice of photography at the early age of 15, borrowing his father’s Nikon 8008 camera during a trip to New York City. Working with black and white slide film, Brandon wandered the streets, inspired by the people and urban texture. This early inspiration continues to inform Brandon’s practice today.

Brandon now travels the world, meeting strangers in each new location he visits. He connects and converses, learning about their identities, their histories, and their cultures. The most significant aspect of Brandon’s photographic process is this initial encounter—the human component. From this encounter, Brandon develops each image to convey his understanding of each individual’s identity. He communicates the rare moments of spontaneity, intimacy, and authenticity.

In Brandon’s words, “getting lost in a city with my camera is about as good as it gets.”

Brandon was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts before returning to Los Angeles, where he currently works and lives when not traveling.


Artist Statement

I like to walk.  I like to walk and wander. 

I like to walk, wander, watch and wait and wait and wander some more.

And then talk.

Within the rhythm of everyday life there are boundless numbers of interesting people, places and moments that are yet to be discovered and I wake up each morning hoping I can discover something new.

It is the shared humanity we all contain that I ultimately want to present through my environmental portraiture series because I believe we are more similar than we are different.  Whether small or large, quiet or loud, I try to capture the emotion of the moment so you can feel it rather than just see it.  Pretty pictures are nice, but my goal is to dive deeper.

Sometimes deeper is just a face.

Sometimes deeper is the intimacy between loved ones.

Sometimes deeper is the joy or quirkiness of a moment.

Or the sorrow of one.

I believe each one of my images must stand on its own, but I ultimately strive to capture moments that are all connected through their shared emotional honesty.  Lighting and composition are highly important elements in my work, but I hope they exist to serve and heighten the higher goal of capturing the pulse of that fleeting moment in a memorable way.

It’s a joy to be alive and hopefully the spontaneity of life can be felt in my work.

I don’t know what’s next and I like it like that.


From 2015 - 2019, Brandon had the distinguished honor of being published in National Geographic numerous times and had his photos selected by the editors as some of their favorite pictures submitted to the magazine.



DNA, Fabrik Projects Gallery, Los Angeles


Holiday Pop-Up Show, Fabrik Projects Gallery, Los Angeles

Summer Art Series, Fabrik Projects Gallery, Santa Monica


Humans, Garboushian Gallery, Beverly Hills